Tanabata matsuri – Festival of the star lovers

I remember a July of a feverish breeze — and in Kappabashi, the tanabata festival, celebrating the yearly reunion of the celestial lovers separated by the milky way.

Outworldly whispering decorations of stars (no, they are really whispering, or rather floofing gently in the wind).

Tons of people, fans, goldfishes, wish-writing, food stands, watermelon selfies…

…and parades by local professional associations. Plus the stars personified by two young people on the left.

The rickshaw drivers I believe, taking turns with swirling their heavy staff.

Lighter stuff swirling happily on its own (well, like the celestial lovers on this night).

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  1. The Sendai Tanabata festival is the most famous in Japan. Tanabata has been celebrated in the region since the time of Date Masamune (1567-1636) who was the first warlord of the Sendai area.

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