Booze and colour

At Booze Cooperativa, one of the first all-day and night art-cafes with large common tables and maze-like rooms in Athens. In plain words, one at the hipster forefront.

Its decadence is rather less artificial these days.

Still, a place that could make you imagine being at the crossroad of continents at the turn of last century, coming together with random adventurers over a clear cocktail and a chessboard.

Athens X-market

Nativity, “Basil cakes”, piles of Christmas sweets,

sponges and spices in the old downtown,

cured meat, neoclassical buildings, end-of-year shopping in the sun.

Warm inside

How about a Greek snack break…

…with the quintessential street food to choose from…

…spinach pie, the odd pizza, sausage roll, and -drum roll- eight kinds of cheese pie!

From England to Greece

The end of year is closing in on us, much like the ghost of Christmas Past.

Gatwick and its fluo palette turning everything lucid, like with the eyes of the ghost of Christmas Present.

At the very last pub one sees before leaving England, best quote placement ever (spoiler alert ^^).

Around a whole world waiting to happen, like offered by a ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.