Glam folk

Upbeat Korean pansori singing.

Even in a clean-cut concert hall, lots of audience participation.

Reenactment in Incheon airport.

Incheon, known for continuously being voted the best airport in the world for eleven years now, offers real incentives for checking in early. They also include live music, of course wifi, and areas for free showers and sleep that must be seen to be believed. I hear you can find free massage armchairs (but I never check in early).

2 Replies to “Glam folk”

  1. Ahahaha the last line “but I never check in early” got me LOL(which is true for me as well)
    I like the way how Incheon airport keeps seeking for new cultural stuff and more improvement! I’ve seen a violin show at T1 whilst waiting for my flight and it has made my travel even more exciting!

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