A day at the expo

Passing over Daejeon’s iconic bridge…

…to disembark at Science Expo.

Every year in autumn it’s where big and small people can fly simulations…

Build cities by singing…

Meet the latest humanoids in person…

And be generally amazed.

Seoul squares

Convenience stores and coffee shops and tetris buildings. Someplace in the sprawling downtown.

At the other end of Yangmingshan

Through Yangmingshan mountain to Jinshan town by bus.

Fog, greenery, fog and the occasional blossoms.

At the small town, a temple of Manju.

And a street market and a coffee shop (with milk cream in the coffee and bakery-chain-level cakes).

And back, with flashes of places visited five years earlier.

Grey brick

Instances of early-20th century japanese architecture, Taipei downtown.

Taipei Main Station

It is said that Taipei is a city where everywhere is downtown. And it is true.
The main station is only a geographical epicenter through which energy flows, like everywhere else, but where it might take a momentary halt waiting for the train.